Kingsley Parker

Kingsley Parker is concerned with the environment. He uses sculpture, drawings and paintings to cover issues facing marine life and the fishermen who depend on the sea for their livelihood. Oceans apart (2016) was an exhibit focusing on the state of our oceans and its impact on coastal communities. Part of the exhibit was supported by a Sea Grant from the University of Rhode Island.

A World of Hurt (2019) presents images of individual trees in various locations that are suffering from drought, acid rain, infestation, invasive insects, strangling vines, and increased human habitation. He found the struggling trees visually fascinating: their grand scale, and their proud vertebrae standing tall even when stripped of their vegetation. And in their compromised state they are home, shelter, and food for many varieties of animals and birds. The trees he notices and photographs as he walks the dog in the woods, drives his son to school through the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, visiting in laws in Washington State, and while vacationing in coastal Maine. They become paintings, both large and small, and are but one indicator of our rapidly changing world.

Maps have been another interest. With Research, a map provides the backdrop for an insensitive slaughter of endangered whales from a country that has lost its appeal to even eat the meat. While the Japanese public avoids whale meat, the government insists it be served to public school children for lunch. All this to maintain a cultural tradition.

Artwork by Kingsley Parker.
Below, the process of creating Research, a woodcut printed on a marine chart.
Artwork by Kingsley Parker.
Arafora Sea, page from Atlas.
Artwork by Kingsley Parker.
Strait of Dudonnell, page from Atlas.
Artwork by Kingsley Parker.
Firth of Laggan, page from Atlas.

Kingsley Parker is a fine artist and designer, and lives in Hudson, NY.
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