Typography and Maps

This is wonderful project by Chinese designer Siyu Cao.

From her site:

“LAKESIDE is a typeface inspired by natural forms and topography. Letter forms are defined by positive and negative space, which could be compared to mountains (positive) and lakes (negative) in nature. The design is based on the language of cartography and the 3D visualization of the typeface follows the contours of each letter. The typeface could be further integrated with architecture, creating green public space that can be read from high above.”

“Born and raised in Beijing, Siyu is a graphic/UX designer currently working between Beijing and Paris. With a curious mind and a playful personality, she’s always willing to take challenges that’s out of her comfort zone, constantly searching for new perspectives on old subjects. Her work has won the bronze medal in 3X3 Professional Show and has been shortlisted by World Illustration Award and selected for exhibition. She has a strong interest in cross-cultural communication and human-centered design.”

Visit Siyu’s site: http://www.siyucao.com/lakeside

Thanks to A Map a Day.