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Welcome to Maps Everywhere 2.0. This blog was started in 2016, when I was on sabbatical. I traveled in Europe during the 2016-2017 school-year and studied maps. I introduced myself to anyone I met that had anything to do with maps, and all were gracious enough to meet with me to discuss maps. I studied maps at the British Library, held a 12th century mappa mundi, and traveled extensively, which of course, required using maps, both digital and paper.

Some of my favorite posts from that year are: World Geo-Graphic Atlas, Cycle Routes Around Amsterdam, Designing a Map for Tourists, and How do I Get There?

My original About page will tell you more about my intentions for the sabbatical. I’m happy to say I accomplished all of what was on my list for the year, which included creating this blog and creating a map that now resides in the American Geographical Society Map Library in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In Fall 2019, I curated an exhibition of illustrated maps (named after this blog Maps Everywhere) at New Jersey City University. The show included 12 artists, some were friends, others I approached to ask for work. I hosted events and demonstrations. I created a large cork map of Jersey City to which visitors to the gallery pinned notes. It was a fabulous experience that I would like to repeat.

Join me in Maps Everywhere 2.0.

Who am I?
Associate Professor at FIT/State University of New York
New York Map Society Member, Map enthusiast

Instagram. @mapseverywhere

Feel free to contact me.
d o n n a (at) mapseverywhere (dot) n e t

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