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Welcome to Maps Everywhere 2.0. This blog was started in 2016, when I was on sabbatical. I traveled in Europe during the 2016-2017 school-year and studied maps. I introduced myself to anyone I met that had anything to do with maps, and all were gracious enough to meet with me to discuss maps. I studied maps at the British Library, held a 12th century mappa mundi, and traveled extensively, which of course, required using maps, both digital and paper.

Some of my favorite posts from that year are: World Geo-Graphic Atlas, Cycle Routes Around Amsterdam, Designing a Map for Tourists, and How do I Get There?

My original About page will tell you more about my intentions for the sabbatical. I’m happy to say I accomplished all of what was on my list for the year, which included creating this blog and creating a map that now resides in the American Geographical Society Map Library in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Join me in Maps Everywhere 2.0. Follow along with the exhibit I’ll be curating this October and feel free to poke around in previous content.

Who am I?
Associate Professor at FIT/State University of New York
New York Map Society Member, Map enthusiast

Instagram. @mapseverywhere

Feel free to contact me.
d o n n a (at) mapseverywhere (dot) n e t

Click here to see my original About page from 2016.

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