Adrienne Ottenberg

I am inspired by the beauty of historical maps as well as sense of place. The landscapes we live in every day are full of meaning, emotion and the practical realities of our lives. On a base of computer generated cartography I integrate my own work. First I transform the base map with Adobe Illustrator. then I work on the map with watercolor and pen & ink. The map is created from my personal experience of a place. My approach can be from psychology or poetry or myths or nature. I seek to reveal a new perspective on the familiar. To unite the objectivity of the computer map data to the subjective reality that we all inhabit.

Artwork by Adrienne Ottenberg
A Walk in Algiers, 2015
Watercolor, pen & ink on Fabriano paper

See Adrienne’s process for creating A Walk in Algiers here.

Artwork by Adrienne Ottenberg
Inspired by Algiers, Adrienne made her memories into a scarf.
Artwork by Adrienne Ottenberg
Unfinished Observations, Fall 2004
Hand drawn map of Manhattan. People on subways, waiting for buses, kids playing soccer, the Monarch butterflies that migrate down the Hudson river, a last summer bee, it was starting to get cold.
Artwork by Adrienne Ottenberg
A Walk With Mr. Bemelmans
A wonderful artist and writer, (he wrote and illustrated the Madeline books) as well as a great character, Ludwig Bemelmans had a colorful life. A fair amount of it was here in Manhattan, in NYC. My friend took me on a “Bemelmans” walk. It was delightful, and so I made this map.

After many years as an illustrator, Adrienne Ottenberg went back to school and earned a Masters in geography with an emphasis on cartography from Hunter College. Fascinated by the then new technology of “keyhole earth”, which then became Google earth and Google maps, she learned how to make maps.

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