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Maps Everywhere is a collection of two-dimensional and digital maps chosen for their visual and illustrative story telling qualities. Each map in the show is a unique work of art. These maps celebrate memories, communities, historical places and personal journeys.

Bring your class: Maps can be an asset for any student: writers, educators, scientists, environmentalists, planners, journalists, technologists, activists, historians, illustrators, fine artists, graphic designers, and digital designers. To be able to create a meaningful map can enhance a student’s message.

How are maps important to education? Creating a map involves interdisciplinary skills. Maps involve story telling, design and planning, color, art, history, creative writing, data collection (digital and analog) and analysis, and, of course, geography. It’s a great way to organize information.

Every map invokes a point of view. What is excluded from a map can be just as important as what is included. Chosen streets, landmarks and naming conventions and visual style present a bias of the mapmaker.

Highlights include a digital journey through a refugee camp, an isometric view of a medieval French village, “written maps” of a housekeeper’s one room flat in Amsterdam and a map of popular graffiti spots in 1980s New York.

Your Jersey City, the big map! You and your class are invited to add to Your Jersey City, a one of a kind map of your city, painted on cork. Using the pins and prompts provided, the NJCU community will tell the story of this amazing city one pin at a time. Right now it is covered in pins and stories of visitors, and it’s waiting for more!

Encourage students to draw images, post thoughts and pin locations. Post images to social media at
@MapsEverywhere #myJerseyCityNJ #MapsEverywhereNJCU     #njcubigmap

For more information and artist’s work see Each artist has a page.
Follow the show on Instagram @mapseverywhere
Follow the Your Jersey City map at #myJerseyCityNJCU

For more information contact Donna David, curator, or Midori Yoshimoto

NJCU Visual Arts Gallery, 100 Culver Avenue, Lower level
Mon – Fri 11am-5pm
Last day of show: November 26, 2019.

Two Shows about Maps and Mapping
Maps Everywhere is shown in conjunction with Mapping Life in the Lemmerman Gallery.

Other events. The galleries are open to the public during these events.
Walking tour and gallery visits, Saturday, November 16, 11am RSVP (
Panel Discussion, Mapping as a Communicative Art, Wednesday, November 20, 5:30pm, RSVP (