Keith Godard

Keith Godard painstakingly noted the roof colors, window arrangements and design of buildings along every street in several small medieval towns in France. The maps are hand-drawn, minutely detailed, subtly water-colored, annotated, lithograph-printed, and by creating a bird’s eye illusion of three dimensions, they seem to spring off the page. “I include all of the streets–most of them–and then, working with an editor and a historian, the important buildings are chosen, usually indicated with a number and a key, so you can easily find the buildings visually.” Read more about Keith’s process here.

Villefranche du Périgord La plus ancienne Bastide du Périgord (The Oldest Bastide of the Périgord), 2013
Print of watercolor and ink, typesetting
Beynac et Castelnaud Les Pierres Ennemies, (The Friendly Foes)
Belvès Medieval Village

Keith Godard, Principal of StudioWorks and an award-winning graphic designer, has been a distinguished practitioner in the fields of public art and exhibition design for over four decades.

A graduate of the Yale School of the Arts and Architecture, he is regarded by his contemporaries and clients alike as a renaissance man, one whose work integrates his gifted imagination with a broad range of media, new technologies, and print.

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