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Jun 8, 2020 / FOUND

On a recent walk through an empty Times Square during the Covid-19 “Stay at Home” period in early spring, I rediscovered a favorite map of New York City. In honor…

Apr 6, 2020 / RE:POST
May 31, 2017 / TRAVEL

I’ve been in Amsterdam for several weeks now and have experienced bike culture here – and it’s wonderful! (as long as you NEVER step into the bike lane while walking)…

Jan 9, 2017 / TRAVEL
Oct 27, 2016 / TRAVEL
Aug 1, 2016 / FOUND

I found a couple of bike maps! I was going crazy trying to find some. Soon after we arrived in London, my husband and I joined a Southwark Bike Train…

Jul 17, 2016 / TRAVEL

We flew Norwegian Air from New York to London Gatwick. They have a nice map to watch as you cross the ocean. And decent fares. Check them out.