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The three maps I’ve compiled into this meta map include 1841 L.F. Douglass’s Public Grounds and Gentleman’s Country Seats. . .  ; the Hudson County planning map of 1976; and the NOAA’s 2013 Anchorage Chart of New York Harbor. Together they examine the history and unique topics of Jersey City such as technological innovation and industry; trade and shipping; military use of land; and urban planning. Through color coding, they show aspects of the landscape that have changed over time as Bergen became Jersey City. 

Jersey City: 1841, 1976, 2013, 2019
Yellow represents shapes that are different between 1841 and 2013, red represents shapes of blocks that are the same, and turquoise represents filled.
Source map, JerseyCity, Hoboken, 1841
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Source map, Hudson County Map, New Jersey, 1976
Source map, NOAA Marine Chart, New York Harbor
All three source maps, overlaid
Jennifer walked every street in Brooklyn, picked up a piece of litter on each block and created an interactive map. 71 Square Miles. Type in any address in Brooklyn to see what she found.

Jennifer Maravillas is a visual artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Communication Art and Design at the University of Louisville, 2006 and an MS in Mass Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008. Her work and studies focus on land: how we build our societies as repositories of information and culture for future inhabitants; how our relationship to land shapes us as individuals and communities. Jennifer uses a wide range of media such as watercolor, found objects, textile dyeing, and block printing to create her portraits of cities, land, and cultures. She is working on a long term (lifetime) project in which she is walking every block in New York City collecting paper and trash to place on a map of each borough. Her poster, “Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Power” was distributed during the Women’s March on Washington and worldwide through the Amplifier Foundation in 2017. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys bicycling, ballet, kickboxing, urban fire escape gardening, and cuddling with her cat, Arrow. 

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