AAA TripTiks-Long Live Paper Maps!

Of course I wonder about the state of paper maps in the age of smart phone maps and apps that can get you around efficiently (usually).

Several people I’ve spoken to seem to want paper maps to hang around, especially when the phone battery dies or you are out of cell range!

Apparently, the BBC is right there with us.

This article discusses “TripTiks”, hand drawn routes on paper maps designed and distributed by the American Automobile Association. An AAA associate would use a highlighter on your maps to make a personalized journey for you, often while you were sitting with them. They would note construction, roadside attractions and rest stops along the way. Your unique, personalized maps would be bound together into a little booklet you kept at hand on your dashboard.

Why Paper Maps Won’t Die, In an age of Google Maps and GPS, paper maps sales are on the rebound, By S.J. Velasquez.

Are you a paper map fan? Did you ever use a TripTik? Leave a comment!


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